Vinocation Spring 2020 Case – £145

£151.00 £145.00

What’s included?


1. Chateau de Bonhoste, Cremant de Bordeaux, Blanc NV – 1 bottle, £15.50

'B' de Bonhoste, Crémant de Bordeaux Blanc NV

Produced using ‘Méthode Champenoise’ this delightful frothy, creamy, sparkling Bordeaux wine doesn’t disappoint.
From the hand-picked grapes to the second fermentation in bottle, the wine bears much resemblance to good
Champagne. Selected for Gordon Ramsay’s prestigious restaurant in central Bordeaux.


2. Chateau de Bonhoste, Cremant de Bordeaux, Rose NV – 1 bottle, £15.50
'B' de Bonhoste, Crémant de Bordeaux Blanc NV
Image of Rose currently unavailable.

Produced using the same methods as the Blanc, the Rose is made with the red grape varieties of ‘aromatic’ Cabernet
Franc and Merlot. A gold medal winner in the French sparkling wine competition.


3. Benoit Chauveau, Coteaux du Giennois 2018 – 2 bottles, £13.50 each

Excellent value Sauvignon from a great Loire winemaker – Benoit Chauveau. From Kimmeridgean soil, the wine is
slightly acidic and evokes typical Sauvignon notes of grapefruit combined with elderflower. Ideal as an aperitif or
equally good accompanying seafood and fish dishes.


4. Chateau de Bonhoste, Bordeaux Blanc 2018 – 2 bottles, £10.50 each

From our neighbours in Bordeaux, the Fournier family, this Bordeaux blanc is primarily Sauvignon, but with some
Semillon and hint of Muscadelle added! Great all-rounder but particularly good as an aperitif. Light and fruity.


5. Chateau de Bonhoste, Bordeaux Rose 2018 – 2 bottles, £10.50 each

A delicious blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot, this Bordeaux Rose is everything you could hope for in a spring
aperitif. Fragrant and fruity, drink on its own or with barbecues or spicy Asian dishes!


6. Chateau La Rose Videau, Bordeaux rouge 2014 – 2 bottles £11.50 each

Renowned Champagne and Bordeaux producer, Michel Gonet, makes this traditional Bordeaux red using pure
Merlot. Pair with grilled and roast meat & poultry. Also a great accompaniment to the cheese board.


7. Chateau Correnson, Lirac rouge ‘Divinitas’ 2016 – 2 bottles £15.00 each

From the Peyre family in the Rhone, Divinitas belongs to the Lirac appellation, just across the river from Chateauneufdu-Pape. Rich, spicy and fruity this wine – rich in Syrah – pairs well with all red meats including game.